Tax Estimator

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*Please note, for the most accurate estimate, please contact the Assessor's office for the current market value.


How are taxes estimated?

Your result will be the same as your Market Value multiplied by 11% if your property type is Real, and 13% if your property type is Personal minus your homestead exemption, which will be 0 if marked as None, 1,000 if marked as Single and 2,000 if marked as double. The ending result is this value multiplied by the chosen school district's millage rate. Here is a list of school districts and their millage rates:

School District Millage Rate
I1-Burlington 0.0726600
I46-Cherokee 0.1003800
I93-Timberlake 0.0765300
J1-Ringwood-M 0.0852200
J1-Woods-W 0.0736700
J42-Garfield 0.0926000
J4-Aline-M 0.0846800
J54-Grant M 0.0583700
LAMB C 0.0000000