2019 June Resale

The County Treasurer must hold a tax resale to sell any real estate for which the county has a held a tax lien for two full years (3 years delinquent taxes). A tax resale involves the outright purchase of property on which taxes are delinquent.

The tax resale is held each year on the second Monday of June in the County Treasurer’s office beginning at 9:00am. The property is auctioned off to the highest bidder. The bid begins with the amount of all delinquent taxes or 2/3rds the assessed value whichever is less plus fees and costs.

If the minimum bid is not made, the property will be deeded to the County.

You can view the current Re-Sale list by searching unpaid 2015 taxes on the search page.

On the Search and Pay Page:  Switch to Advanced Search - Leave Name and Parcel Number field blank - Tax Year = 2015 to 2015 - Uncheck the Box "show unpaid for all years" - Type = Real Estate - Status = Unpaid.  Click on the button at the bottom of the page [Search for tax Records].