June Resale

Informational Packet


June Sale (Resale) of Property with Delinquent Taxes

2nd Monday of June

9:00 AM

Treasurer's Office opens at 8:00 AM for bidders to register for the sale.

Pittsburg County Treasurer’s Tax Resale Policy:

The employees of neither the Treasurer’s Office nor the County Treasurer is permitted to give anyone legal advice. This document is merely to provide helpful information for you before you bid on property at the Tax Resale.


Bidders must be present at the sale. This is not a sealed bid sale.  It is an open, active auction where property is sold to the highest bidder. Understand that this is a CASH ONLY auction.

Pittsburg County does not own the properties being auctioned.

All Resale bidders must be 18 years of age or older, in order to bid on property.

Research the property in which you are interested: properties are listed, published and sold by their legal description as shown on the tax rolls. Property location addresses as shown on the tax rolls may not be the address of the property being sold; we sell property by the legal description on the tax rolls.


No guarantee or warranty of title is offered by Pittsburg County: No abstract or title insurance is provided. Properties are sold “if is, as is, and where is.” While it is the decision of each buyer, each purchaser should give consideration to the filing of a Quiet Title Action in District Court in order to ensure a more marketable title. An attorney can give you more information about this process.

Each buyer needs to be aware some Federal, State and Oklahoma Health Care Authority liens may still exist and be valid against the property.

If some other person is using a tract you purchase for their own purposes, it will be up to you to take possession. Pittsburg County does not know if any property is being used by someone else, and is not responsible for removing anyone or anything.

In addition to the total amount bid, winning bidders must pay a $10.00 deed fee to the Treasurer and a $18.00 filing fee to file the Resale deed.


Sign is as a bidder. To obtain a bidder number, you will be required to give you name, address and telephone number on the sign in sheet. This sheet will become part of the permanent sale record.


During the Sale:

Be patient. There are some formalities that must occur at the beginning of the sale to satisfy statutory and audit requirements.

Listen carefully to any and all announcements as well as answers to questions.


Be courteous and thoughtful of others. Keep conversations with others to a minimum. It is difficult to hear when several people are speaking in a confined area.

The order of the sale will be the order in which the tracts are listed in the publication.

Minimum bid for each property is the total amount of delinquent tax, penalty, fees, costs and special assessments, if applicable, that are due and owing as of the sale date, or two-thirds (2/3) of the assessed value, whichever is the lesser amount. Property will be sold the highest competitive bidder.


After the Sale:

Please return your bidder number to the Treasurer's Office.


Successful bidders will receive a “Resale Tax Deed” issued within Two weeks of the June Resale.

Oklahoma law provides a one-year time period for anyone with an interest in the property to challenge the resale deed in court. While a challenge is a rare occurrence, the successful bidder should be mindful of this legal statute.