2014 RESALE JUNE 11, 2018


COAL County, State of OKLAHOMA

     Legal notice is hereby given
that, under authority and mandatory requirement of 68 O.S. 2001,
SS3125-3126 and 68 O.S. 2001,S3127, each of the hereafter described
lots, tracts, and parcels of real estate, all situated in COAL
County, State of OKLAHOMA, will be sold at public auction to the
highest competitive bidder for cash, provided that for each parcel or
tract, the bidder offers a sum equal to or greater than two-thirds of
the assessed valuation of such real estate as fixed for the current
fiscal year 2014 or the total amount of taxes, ad valorem and
special, interest and costs legally due on such property computed to
and as of JUNE 8, 2018 which ever is lesser; said sale to be held at
the Office of the County Treasuerer in the Courthouse at the county
seat, town of COALGATE, COAL County, state of OKLAHOMA, beginning on
the June 11th, 2018, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and
continuing from day to day thereafter between the same hours until
said sale has been completed according to law.
     It is hereby
stated that each of said lots, tracts and parcels of real estate
hereinafter listed was sold to the county at delinquent tax sale in
the absence of bidders therefore, has remained unredeemed for a
period of more than two years from the date of sale, and no person
has offered to purchase the same for the taxes, interest and costs
due thereon; that in the schedule below appears under caption
indicating Lands (Section, Township and Range). City or Town, or
subdivision thereof, in which located following each described lot,
tract and parcel of real estate, in order herein set out, the name of
the owner as shown by the last tax roll October 2015 in the Office of
the County Treasurer, the date on which said real estate was sold to
the county for delinquent taxes, the year or years for which taxes
have been assessed but remains unpaid, the total amount of all
delinquent special assessments, costs and interest that were made the
basis of or were included in the original sale and that since accrued
thereon and remain due and unpaid as of said first publication in
May, the date of said resale and the total due, publication fees will
be added. On resale date one and one-half percent further interest
will have accrued.
     The above notice applies to the following
lots, tracts, and parcels, to-wit:


DORITY, ANDREW                    Total Due:              217.76
      0030-00-036-001-0-001-00      2014 ADV              160.23
      COTTONWOOD LOT 1 BLOCK        2015 ADV               27.87
      36                            2016 ADV               27.51
                                    2017 ADV                2.15

SAMPLEY, NEAL                     Total Due:              228.52
      1001-00-004-002-0-001-00      2014 ADV              163.46
      COALGATE LOT 2 BLOCK 4        2015 ADV               30.74
                                    2016 ADV               30.02
                                    2017 ADV                4.30

HOLMES, ELIZABETH C.              Total Due:              328.78
      1001-00-158-003-0-001-00      2014 ADV              196.30
      COALGATE LOTS 3 & 4 & 5       2015 ADV               55.14
      BLOCK 158 ETAL:ELIZABETH      2016 ADV               52.61
      C. HOLMES, THERA C.           2017 ADV               24.73
      GUSTAFSON, ISABEL C.         

WILLIAMS, LEONZETTA               Total Due:              413.95
      1001-00-197-001-0-001-00      2014 ADV              215.14
      COALGATE LOTS 1 & 2 BLK.      2015 ADV               79.53
      197                           2016 ADV               75.20
                                    2017 ADV               44.08

CRIM HEIRS                        Total Due:              247.40
      1005-00-003-001-0-001-00      2014 ADV              193.62
      HIGHLAND HEIGHTSLOT           2015 ADV               26.44
      1BLOCK 3THERA GUSTAFSON       2016 ADV               26.26
      1/18ELIZABETH HOLMES          2017 ADV                1.08
      1/18ISABEL MARTIN            
      UND.1/18ROBERT BROWNLIE &    
      RALPH BROWNLIE UND. 2/3      

CRIM HEIRS                        Total Due:              212.40
      1005-00-003-014-0-001-00      2014 ADV              158.62
      HIGHLAND HEIGHTS LOT 14       2015 ADV               26.44
      BLK. 3 THERA GUSTAFSON        2016 ADV               26.26
      1/18 ELIZABETH HOLMES         2017 ADV                1.08
      1/18 ISABEL MARTIN           
      UND.1/18INT ROBERT           
      UND. 2/3 INT.                

KLINGLESMITH & V. SMITH           Total Due:              228.16
      3001-00-038-003-0-001-00      2014 ADV              161.85
      CENTRAHOMA LOTS 3 & 4         2015 ADV               29.31
      BLOCK 38                      2016 ADV               33.77
                                    2017 ADV                3.23

KAUFMAN, IRWIN & MURIEL CONT.     Total Due:              753.96
      6001-00-028-001-0-001-00      2014 ADV              310.43
      TUPELO LOTS 1-3EAST 40'       2015 ADV              168.50
      OF LOT 4 BLOCK 28             2016 ADV              156.78
                                    2017 ADV              118.25

MOORE, EMMA & FRANCIS EVANS       Total Due:              214.89
      6001-00-031-004-0-001-00      2014 ADV              160.23
      TUPELO LOT 4 BLOCK 31         2016 ADV               52.51
                                    2017 ADV                2.15

Gina McNutt