The County Treasurer's primary function is tax collection.  We make every effort to see that Tax Deeds are issued in accordance with the Statutes, but the buyer assumes all responsibility and liability on purchase.


Neither the employees of the Treasurer’s office nor the County Treasurer is permitted to give anyone legal advice.  This document is merely intended to provide helpful information before you bid on property at the Tax Resale.


Please understand that per our 2017 Treasurer’s Handbook, we can now only accept CASH for payment of winning bids.  You must have funds available for your bid.  At this time, we will allow one hour for you to go collect your funds and return with your payment.


If there is no bid on any given parcel, then it is immediately bid off in the name of the county for the taxes, interest and costs due, and the opportunity to purchase this tract has ended.


Our Resale Auction begins at 9:00 a.m., and you will need to register before the auction begins.  ALL BIDDERS, MUST VERIFY THAT THEY ARE CURRENT ON ALL AD VALOREM AND PERSONAL TAXES BEFORE BIDDING.


There will also be the charge for deed preparation of $10.00 and the $15.00 filing fee added to all bids placed for these services.  After the sale is complete each winning bidder, when paying for the property purchased will have these fees added to their trust receipt.


Property owners have until the new deed is filed to redeem their property by paying their delinquent taxes.  If  a property owner redeems their property by paying taxes due after it has been sold at Auction, but before the deed has been filed, then all amounts received from the highest bidder will be refunded.  If the deed has already been filed, then the sale stands, and any question about ownership would be between the previous property owner and the new property owner.


Every effort has been made to identify all owners, lien holders, and any person(s) with interest in the properties to the best of our ability.  All owners, lien holders, and person(s) with interest found during our research were notified by certified mail and by legal publication in the Hugo News prior to the date of sale.


There is a one year time period for anyone with an interest in the property to challenge the Resale deed in court. If this happens, this will be between the successful bidder and the person with a vested interest.  Neither I, nor the county, will be involved.  It is possible that an owner or person with any legal or equitable interest in the property may protest the issuance of a tax resale deed.  This is a risk you take by purchasing property for delinquent taxes at a tax resale.


Title is transferred by a Treasurer’s Resale Deed.  The property in a Tax Resale is being sold in “AS IS” condition, without any warranties or title insurance, either expressed or implied, as to the nature, condition or description of the property.  Buyers shall rely entirely upon their own information, judgement and inspection of the property and records.


Once the bidding process is complete and you have paid cash for your property, you will receive a receipt for your payment.  You should have your deed within two weeks.


Once again, remember this sale is BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!  Each buyer is responsible for knowing what property is bid upon and each property should be inspected by the buyer prior to entering a bid upon it.  Monies paid on the date of this auction are non-refundable.  Each bidder should research the records and inspect the property that they are considering prior to entering a bid.  Some Federal, State, and City liens, or ristrictions may still exist and be valid against the property even after it is sold at the Tax Resale Auction.