Tax Resale - Monday, June 13, 2016

Landowner Name                        Parce ID #                            Excess Funds

Dixie Hamlin                             0000-30-01S-06E-4-001-00       $919.04

David and Stacy Stephens         0080-00-003-006-0-006-00       $939.10 (claimed and refunded)

Anissa Vaughn                          0080-00-004-002-0-002-00      $3081.80 (claimed and refunded)

Ronda Angel                             0130-00-074-002-0-002-00       $739.17

Cletus Angel                             0130-00-075-001-0-001-00      $1063.08

Cletus Angel                             0130-00-075-004-0-002-00      $1111.49

Jeff and Carol Bigbie                 0130-00-089-004-0-003-00     $2241.24

Ronda Angel                             0132-00-000-000-0-000-01        $33.45


Oklahoma Statutes Citationized                                                                                                                               Title 68 Revenue and Taxation                                                                                                                             Chapter 1-Tax Codes                                                                                                                                               Article 31 - Collection of Delinquent Taxes                                                                                                           Section 3131 

The excess funds are held in a seperate fund for the record owner of such land, as shown by the county records as of the date said county resale begins, to be withrdrawn any time within one (1) year.  No assignment of this right to excess proceds shall be valid which occurs on or after the date on which said county resale began.  At the end of one (1) year, if such money has not been withdrawn or collected from the county, it shall be credited to the county resale property fund.


This Unclaimed Exess Funds List is designed for the RECORD OWNER(s) to claim his/her/their excess funds.  

Using due diligence, our office has attempted to mail a notification to the RECORD OWNER of record at the address or addresses that we could find, notifying them that these funds can be claimed without any charges or fees. 

If you are NOT THE RECORD OWNER, but the owner is living and you are the guardian of the owner, you will need original or certified copy of court order naming you as guardian and it must pass inspection of our legal counsel in order for anyone other than the OWNER to claim the funds. 

If the owner is DECEASED, you will need a court order to claim the funds. We must have the original order of a certified copy of the order and it must pass the inspection of our legal counsel before excess funds are released to anyone other than the OWNER. 

Affidavits of Heirship, Death Certificates, Birth Certificates, etc. ARE NOT SUFFICIENT to claim these funds. 

All documents presented will be reviewed and submitted to our legal counsel before any funds are released. 

If the property was in more than one name (wife and husband), we require both parties to complete the forms.  The excess funds will be released with both parties names listed on the check as shown on the county records. 

Excess Funds that are claimed and received will be reported to the IRS if the amount claimed exceeds $600.00.  We will require that you complete and submit an IRS W-9 Form which includes a current address and your social security number.