The 2017 June Resale took place on June 12, 2017 at 9:00am for the following properties:

Lot 15 &16 Block 15, Original Town of Wakita--South Maple

Last registered owner: Duane Baker/Bernice McClaflin

PURCHASED BY  No bid--Defaulted to County 

Lots 4 & 5 Block 49, Original Town of Lamont--119 E. Madison

PURCHASED BY Randall and Jerri Rai Parker-$419.82

Lots 22-24 Block 52, Original Town of Lamont--113 E. Madison

Last registered owner: Angie Flores

PURCHASED BY J-B Commercial Realty LLC-$549.77

Lot 15 & W26' Lot 16 Block 29 Orig.Town of Pond Creek-Hwy 81

PURCHASED BY First State Bank of Pond Creek-$2896.59

W26' Lot 1 & all of Lot 2 Block 29, O.T. Pond Creek-Hwy 81

Last registered owner: Robert and Ti VanDyke

PURCHASED BY  First State Bank of Pond Creek-$965.00