Tax Estimator

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How are taxes estimated?

Your result will be the same as your Market Value multiplied by 11% if your property type is Real, or 13% if your property type is Personal minus your homestead exemption which will be 0 if marked as None, 1,000 if marked as Single and 2,000 if marked as double. The ending result is this value multiplied by the chosen school district's millage rate. Here is a list of school districts and their millage rates:

School District Millage Rate
I-1 Choctaw 0.0753700
I-1 Silo 0.0736400
I-2 Rock Creek 0.0788300
I-3 Achille 0.0812900
I-40 Bennington 0.0776900
I-48 Calera 0.0813600
I-4 Colbert 0.0823800
I-5 Caddo 0.0827000
I-72 Durant 0.0900500
MUNI LIEN 0.0000000